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Markham Waxers News Items

GM/Asst. Coach Larry Herrington with Asst. Coach Jeff Laceby

Feb. 9/2000: Jimmy Ball on upcoming playoffs

Feb. 9/2000: GM Larry Herrington on upcoming playoffs

Feb. 9/2000: Head Coach Russ Herrington on upcoming playoffs

Feb. 9/2000: Asst. Coach Jeff Laceby on upcoming playoffs

Feb. 9/2000: Paul Robinson on upcoming playoffs

Feb. 9/2000: Lawne Snyder on upcoming playoffs

Feb. 9/2000: Alex Stoyan on upcoming playoffs

Feb. 9/2000: Kevin Tompkins on upcoming playoffs

Feb. 9/2000: Jeremy Wenzel on upcoming playoffs

Round 1 is often the toughest round to win, especially as a 4th seed. Because you play the closest team to you in the standings, anything can happen.

We, as a staff, realize that this series against North York is going t be a tough one. We are certainly looking forward to the test we are about to face.

In the playoffs, you always look to finish off an opponent as quickly as possible but to think this series will be done in a sweep would be foolish and most likely inaccurate. I think we can be successful however if we execute our game plan and pay attention to 3 specific keys to success.

One of our strengths is puck control and the way we pass the puck. We play our best when we play unselfishly and when our puck movement is crisp and quick.

Our success lately has been tied to the fact that we have kept the puck in our possession for the majority of the game. Passing is something we work hard on in practice and it seems to have paid off.

Obviously by looking at our size and some of our players we need to play physically to be successful. One of the major problems we had at the start of the season was being undisciplined.

We have worked hard to convince our guys that we want them to play physical between the whistles and not after the whistle. I believe our guys have learned to be more disciplined and are now more to their bodies instead of their sticks.

North York plays strong defensively and has good goaltending so we can't afford to miss when we get the chance.

We have been doing a much better job of that recently but without a pure offensive game breaker, we can't afford to let those opportunities pass us by.

Although it seems simple, attaining those 3 keys are not an easy task. The players know what is expected and what they potentially can achieve.

It's an exciting time and the Markham Waxers are hoping to cause some excitement.

Russell Herrington
Head Coach
Markham Waxers Junior A Hockey Club

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